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Emerald is the most widely known member of the Beryl family of Gemstones. Emerald owes its fine green color to elemental chromium replacement in its structure. Gem quality Emeralds are found most notably in Colombia, Brazil and Zambia. Like other Beryl, Emerald has a hardness of 7.5 – 8. Emerald may be more brittle than other Beryl due to the numerous fluid inclusions found inside. Care in wearing and cleaning should be practiced with Emerald.
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4.73 Cts. Oval Emerald (CG-20792)
Price: $35,475.00
4.73 Cts. Oval Emerald (CG-20792)
Item #FE-664: 9.3x12.9mm oval Emerald of 4.73 Cts. $7,500/Ct.
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